Hello friends and fans, This web blog is an informal picture/video/text journal about my travels as a jazz musician around the world. To date I have played and taught in 44 countries with my own groups, as a solo artist, and as a sideman. At least half of these countries have been part of tours as a “Jazz Ambassador” and guest of U.S. Embassies.

The great thing about these tours is that they are for the local people in countries where U.S.  jazz musicians rarely visit. The audiences are from a wide section of society and of all ages, not just VIPs and expats. The excitement from the people I meet is matched by my excitement to discover and experience new cultures and share my music.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to play for and teach and exchange ideas with students, musicians and the general public from Mexico and Cuba to Morocco, Egypt, Oman, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mali, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea to name just a few.

But this blog is not just for the people at home in the U.S. I hope that it can create an avenue for discussion and continued exchange with the people I’ve met and others from around the world. So, the poet from Myanmar, the guitarist from Papua New Guinea, the medical student and oud player from Syria and other personalities mentioned within can keep us updated on their activities and development.

Feel free to comment on this blog and also visit me on Facebook. I hope this will be the start of a long conversation full of music and mind-opening ideas and information.

Be well and full of hope, creativity and joy…Freddie Bryant