Gandi Ashram Singalong!

After the tour of the Tekro we were to perform for a group of teachers in training. As we walked in the open courtyard we were serenaded by a huge chorus of young women singing “We Shall Overcome!” It was one of the most moving and inspiring times of my life. After seeing the enormity of the work the ashram was working on, hearing the spiritual made famous by Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement sung with such beautiful fullness was indescribable…

We learned a new song which was definitely apropos!

We Are Happy Today!

When it was time for us to play for them I immediately thought of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” which I dedicated to all of them. We found a section of the song which we repeated and sang bringing us closer together.

And then we followed it up with a few different songs. Here are excerpts from a few:

And we learned another Indian song with some special arm choreography:

Gandhi Ashram-singalong

Here are some pictures of the drummer/teacher who accompanied the chorus, the wonderful teachers-in-training and children in the audience:


smiling teachers-in-training

2 Responses to “Gandi Ashram Singalong!”

  1. ben says:

    isn’t she lovely is amazing!!!!
    one of my favorite things i’ve seen fredinho….

  2. Freddie Bryant says:

    Thanks! It was an amazing event! I’m going to add the lyrics to our repertoire on the next tour – they are beautiful! But now I’ll have to practice singing and playing at the same time! (not easy for me!) Stay well and thanks again for the positive feedback. Freddie