After the Madness-Poetry and Love

Wedding Arch

After the party/concert at IIT we walked back to the Alumni House where we were staying and were welcomed by a beautiful wedding arch. The last guests were leaving the function room. We were excited to see an Indian wedding but almost all the people were gone.

As we were leaving we met a gentleman dressed in normal street clothing. It turned out he was the father of the bride who had already returned home and changed. The happy couple was eating privately in a back room now that the guests had left (I guess for the couple the party is for socializing not eating!). He wanted to introduce us to the couple and we asked him not to disturb them after such a long day. They must have been tired.

The conversation turned to his passion, writing poetry. He had spent most of his life studying and then teaching physics and math (at IIT) and in his retirement was dedicating himself to poetry. Inspired by Shelley, Tagore and Frost he had published a full volume of poetry and he wanted to give it to us. He asked if we could stay here for a moment and rode home and back to give us his book. We were so honored that he would spend so much time with us on such a special night.

with the poet - Shyamal Chakrabarti

He wanted his book to make the journey to the States but not in an envelope. His desire was to share it and we were happy to oblige.

autographing - "The Grasshopper's Dream and Other Poems"

His poetry is clever, humorous, imaginative and full of metaphors and stories. It opens with a moving tribute to his deceased sister:

You came and yet you eluded us. And as if to tell this truth, you left before our very eyes casting a fleeting shade. I will never know if your diffidence was feigned or real; for your brisk steps on the grass spread sadness all around. Raindrops, then, were trickling down the tree leaves, and the forest was wet with heavenly tears as you vanished gently into the moist air to no one’s great alarm.

Our conversation lasted long enough for us to catch the newlyweds as they exited their first meal as husband and wife!

Newlyweds in Kharagpur!

Mazel tov!

Mazel tov!

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