Kharagpur-Jan. 21, 2010

The longest train platform in the world!

Kharagpur is a small town that is famous for the longest train platform in the world and their world renowned technological university IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). One person explained it this way “it’s like Harvard, MIT and Caltech (Academic home of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory) put into one school!”


Crowd Crush as the doors open

All those brilliant young people, studying, studying, studying, stuck in a small town, wanting a release from their serious, intense, all consuming work…what could be better than a festival?…a festival with music and dancing!!!

Pandemonium was the word from the beginning of the night as the crowd crushed its way in as the doors opened. They were rowdy and having lots of fun! The party was just starting on the first day of the festival – which, by the way, is one of the biggest at a school in all of India (told to us proudly by the organizers).

Student hosts at IIT

When Gilad asked them to get up and sing and dance, that what they did – and with such gusto!

Gilad on stage - with drum...that's a festival!

Gilad put his loop machine on so he could be free to go up to the audience and get them dancing…

The view from the stage

Once Gilad got out there it was hard to stop him (actually nobody tried!). Girls were blowing kisses, dudes were dancing and all hell broke loose when he leaned over and started doling out kisses, hugs and high fives.

Ah yes, rock and roll…oops, I mean jazz in India!

Check out this video to get a picture of ┬áthe fun we had in Kharagpur…I especially like the headless dancing Gilad at 6:40!

Here are some of those screaming, happy people:

Leaving Kharagpur:

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