Out of the Blue!…Small World Encounters-Part 2

Water Lily at the Botanical Gardens in Kolkata


January 17-23 (with a trip to Kharagpur in the middle)

We had two major concerts in Kolkata, the first at the Music School organized by Ajoy Ray and the second at the Dalhousie Institute sponsored by the famed “Congo Square” a non-profit society for jazz and blues in India. The people there were serious jazz fans like Ajoy, thay give me hope for the future of jazz (at least in India!)…thank you Kalyan Kamal Roy and Surjay Yoy Choudhury! We look forward to seeing and playing for you again.

At the Dalhousie concert Ajoy introduced me to an American sax player (Steve Gorn) from Brooklyn at the end of a music tour who played the Indian bamboo flute named the Bansuri…what a surprise! I asked him to sit in with us and his sound was so beautiful and so complimentary to our sound and vibe we all knew that this was a special happening! I am sure that will be just the first of more collaborations to come!

The first tune we played was my original, “Beginner’s Mind”-a kind of South American 6/8 in C minor. I would love to post a video from this concert but am waiting for the professionally produced DVD to be sent from India. Please check back periodically and join my mailing list on my website for updates about the blog.

BUT in the meantime Please check out his website: www.stevegorn.com! His biography is amazing with a long and beautiful story of musical inspiration and exploration going back to the 1960’s.

Kolkata style Taxis

Kolkata pedicab

Traffic Jam-Kolkata

Another SMALL WORLD connection is that there is another American sax player who is a virtuoso on the Bansuri! (Carl Clements-www.carlclements.com). And I believe he also knows Steve. I met him just a month before this tour started–he moved to my neighborhood up in Massachusetts from Brooklyn!!! I had him to dinner and found out he would be in India at the same time (to study with his master and play some gigs)–alas, we were crisscrossing and never met there but what are the odds that I would meet two of the greatest bansuri/jazz sax players in the world in just one month who lived by me in the U.S. and went to India at the same time…?!

Each international tour a undertake broadens my world to distant lands

…this one widened my world back at home!

Good Luck Charm

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