FEBRUARY 1-5, 2010

The next stop after our India tour was beautiful Singapore. These posts will be full of MUSIC! The equipment at every venue was perfect and we were more than halfway through the tour and feeling very comfortable. One thing that stands out as with most places were the people, so beautiful, welcoming and enthusiastic. There were knowledgeable  fans of the music like Mr. Spuikerman a guitar fan with a love for bossa nova – and the strongest 80 year old I have met!

Mr. Spuikerman

And once again another surprise from Amherst, MA…an alum from my alma mater! I thought the “small world encounters” in India were not to be topped but meeting a jazz playing graduate of small Amherst College (1700 enrolled) on the last day of the tour was something I would never have expected!

Zheng Yuepeng - Amherst College '09

And then there were the students!

at Republic Polytechnic

Guitarists at Temasek Junior College

It was my first time in Singapore and the contrast with India was expected but quite jarring–every car was new, Gucci, Prada, etc…yes I know they have those stores in India and we were staying in exclusive hotels provided by the Embassy but when we left the hotel that was left behind. In Singapore, at least on the surface, there seemed to be a uniformity of class. We weren’t there long enough to go very deep but we did enjoy the mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures.

Heather and I had fun speaking Chinese around town – she is fluent and I can impress most waitresses! – at least for my effort rather than my skill. They’re probably too polite to let me know how bad I am! 😉 And we DID revel in the perfect weather and exotic tropical flora and plants! No air conditioning needed for me since 80-85 Farenheit is my comfort zone! I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to mention the FOOD! We were lucky to be in Singapore at the start of the Chinese New Years celebrations. The night market was bustling and the cuisine  in the food courts was amazing.

China Town Night Market

at a feast with our wonderful hosts, Aruna and Vathani Amirthanayagem

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