The massive scope of this wonderful tour has been a constant inspiration to me with this blog BUT has also introduced a bit of intimidation…we’ve been to so many unique, beautiful and exciting places, experienced so much and met so many people–I want to do it justice and give an accurate sense of these five weeks in this blog. But our stay in India alone was overwhelming!

I can say that it was powerful, beautiful, inspiring, moving, challenging and magical as honestly as anyone can use those clich├ęs we take for granted. We met new and old friends and musicians from home unexpectedly, jammed with traditional Indian musicians, worked with school children, performed in wonderful venues and visited the historic Gandhi Ashram and the slum where they do their inspirational work. And besides all the amazing sights, sounds and food we ate as “Jazz Ambassadors” we also had a few times to be tourists and went to the Taj Majal–a day trip that one would need a month to accurately describe!

Saraswati Puja in Kolkata

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