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ABC Samba!

Friday, February 19th, 2010


UPNG workshop participants, Ambassador Taylor (back/center) and Matt Britton (back/right)

This tags on to the earlier posts about Papua New Guinea. We were lucky to follow our 2009 tour with a trip in Feb. 2010 and got to work with the same beautiful children and the Children’s University of Music and Art in the Kaugere Settlement at 2 Mile in Port Moresby. in June, 2009 we visited their school in the most notorious slums in Port Moresby run by Saints (Peter, Lydia, Pius, Mino and others!) and given to the children for FREE!

After we heard them sing many nursery rhymes we worked with them on the ABC song (also known as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Ba, Ba Black Sheep…ect!) and concentrated on rhythms–the Samba seemed to float to the top and we grooved for a long time listening to the wind, sea and birds (see the videos below).

The first video is from our visit when we met these wonderful kids and the second is from our concert, Feb. 11 for the U.S. Ambassador and an appreciative PNG audience in the Moresby Arts Center (at Waigani Arts). The kids joined me and Gilad and our workshop participants from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) on guitars and percussion.

We are very thankful to the Embassy for organizing this return trip. It is always meaningful to return and follow-up with the people we meet on our tours. You can really see the how the kids grow and develop. It’s not only the kids that benefit–Gilad and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to have another rare exposure to the unique and wonderful culture and people of PNG! Hope to see you again soon!

Below: Working with the kids at the Children’s University for Music and Arts at the Kaugere Settlement, 2 Mile, Port Moreseby (PNG)…one of the directors reminded me that these kids and the Kaugere Settlement are the “lowest of the low” in PNG…you can see that they are actually the light of the future!

And here is the result in performance for the U.S. Ambassador (Mr. Teddy B. Taylor) and an appreciative PNG audience at the Moresby Arts Center, Feb. 11, 2010…please excuse the audio during the workshop guitarist’s solos–we had some technical challenges!

Thanks to our hosts Ambassador Taylor, Matt Britton and Carolyn Ive!

Nursery Rhymes

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

After the kids sang their national anthem they sang some nursery rhymes…and very enthusiastically!…Gilad and I then taught them an Israeli lullaby which they sang to us as we drove out of the settlement. Wouldn’t it be fun if they remembered “Ooga, Ooga, Ooga” and it became a popular song in their repertoire!…well, we’ll see when we visit there in a few weeks!

“Open and Shut Them” (June, 2009)

“I Love You” (a humid day in June, 2009…which explains the blurry image!)

“Five Little Monkeys” (June, 2009)

Hello world!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Hello World! I finally made it to my blog page and can keep you all up to date with my travel in amazing places meeting wonderful people!

Right now I am in India touring with Gilad (percussionist extraordinaire!)…we just finished an unforgettable trip to Burma/Myanmar will proceed to Singapore and finish in Papua New Guinea!

The PNG tour is a return trip…here are a couple of pics from our last visit in June, ’09…You’ll see why we are looking forward to returning!

Welcome from 8 Mile Settlement kids

Welcome from Kaugere Settlement kids-Port Moresby

Children's University for Music and Art-8 Mile Settlement

Children's University of Music and Art- Kaugere Settlement

In the coming days I will be downloading videos of these kids singing their national anthem, nursery rhymes and a samba version of the ABC song!!!

Check out this video of the kids singing their national anthem…(June, 2009)

More to come later…

Here is how we were welcomed by the wonderful people at the Children’s University of Music and Art at the Kaugere Settlement at 2 Mile in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (June, 2009)