UFO Sighted!

We were lucky to be in Mandalay during a very special solar eclipse. People were out all day with their cameras and special lenses.

It just so happened that a UFO was sighted later that day while we were playing our concert…

Gilad playing the UFO

The sound is like a soft bell sound or mellow steel drum. The stage began to fill up with people curious about the unfamiliar sound. And after the concert Gilad was surrounded by people wanting a closer look…

Touching the UFO!

Check back in a few days and I’ll have a video and sound clip of this beautiful instrument. The actual name is Pan Tam or Hang. It was created by a Trinidadian who lives in Switzerland within the last ten years.

Our duo is a combination of strings and percussion…I brought three guitars on the tour: a Telecaster, a nylon string acoustic and a 12-string acoustic. Gilad brought a full bag of instruments and the UFO (sometimes also called a WOK!). But we also have our bag of tricks as you’ll see from this next clip.

I wanted to get in on the percussion jam and grabbed some Caxixi. Gilad got the audience involved and surprised me with a solo!…My debut in public!

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