Hello world!

Hello World! I finally made it to my blog page and can keep you all up to date with my travel in amazing places meeting wonderful people!

Right now I am in India touring with Gilad (percussionist extraordinaire!)…we just finished an unforgettable trip to Burma/Myanmar will proceed to Singapore and finish in Papua New Guinea!

The PNG tour is a return trip…here are a couple of pics from our last visit in June, ’09…You’ll see why we are looking forward to returning!

Welcome from 8 Mile Settlement kids

Welcome from Kaugere Settlement kids-Port Moresby

Children's University for Music and Art-8 Mile Settlement

Children's University of Music and Art- Kaugere Settlement

In the coming days I will be downloading videos of these kids singing their national anthem, nursery rhymes and a samba version of the ABC song!!!

Check out this video of the kids singing their national anthem…(June, 2009)

More to come later…

Here is how we were welcomed by the wonderful people at the Children’s University of Music and Art at the Kaugere Settlement at 2 Mile in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (June, 2009)

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